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An Outstanding Education

Warrenheip Primary School offers individualised educational opportunities that cater for the diverse learning needs of all students.

Literacy and Numeracy

We focus very strongly on Literacy and Numeracy at Warrenheip PS, as we know that expertise in these core skills leads to self-confidence and the ability to continue to learn throughout life.

We provide a full and varied curriculum including literacy and numeracy, history and geography, science, music, PE, art and ICT.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Following is a very brief description of the key programs that operate at our school. We believe that programs delivered by classroom teachers, specialists and outside sources combine effectively to provide our students with a broad and comprehensive curriculum.

  • Literacy  – 5 x 2 hour sessions per week consisting of programs such as:
    • CARS & STARS (Reading Strategies) (Gr 3-6)
    • Guided Reading (Prep-2)
    • Big Write (Gr 3-6)
    • and Beginning Writing (Prep - 2).
  • Spelling Block – 4 X 25mins a week: Spelling Mastery. These sessions consist of learning the spelling strategies and undertaking investigations within the classroom.
  • Numeracy Block- 5 x 1 hour sessions per week which teach students real life skills.  Problem solving is a focus that is taught so that it is applied to everyday situations. Times tables are practised regularly. In the higher grades children also use Elementary Maths Mastery (4 x 25mins per week) to refine and hone their skills in key areas of Mathematics learning.

Teachers meet each week to plan these programs. They work to build their skills and make sure their teaching is consistent with what’s happening in other classrooms. As a result, we believe the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy in our school is as good as you will see anywhere.

Addressing Individual Needs

We have a terrific team of classroom assistants who support teachers in the Literacy and Numeracy block. The assistants help the teachers out by taking small groups of students with specific needs. Our teachers are very good at meeting the needs of all students and teaching to the point of need. That is, children do work at their own level.

What we have available for children who have fallen behind varies from year to year, but we certainly stretch our budget to the limit to provide as much small group intervention as we can.

Specialist Sessions

Teachers deliver weekly sessions for all year levels in:

  • Science & Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • and Music

Social and Emotional Learning

Warrenheip Primary School recognises and values the importance of social and emotional learning for our students. 

Students at WPS are encouraged to build social and communication skills through weekly 'buddy' sessions.


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