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Prep Transition Program

School Ready

Our Pre-prep program, “School Ready”, is created for children in the year before they begin their Prep year.

The School Ready program runs in Term 4.

By attending several School Ready 2 hour sessions your child will gain new skills, make friends, become accustomed to school routines and get to know the staff.

Our “School Ready” program is facilitated by a registered teacher with specialised knowledge and experience in teaching Prep students.



Our pre-prep program, "School Ready¨, is designed to make the transition to school much easier for your child. The program will enable your child to:

  • Be oriented to the Prep classroom and school grounds
  • Become familiar with prep routines and expectations
  • Participate in early literacy and numeracy experiences
  • Build gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Participate in early foundational learning programs
  • Form friendships with other children
  • Meet teachers and staff before starting school

We will be offering a parent information session on topics such as:

  • settling in to school
  • helping your child to read
  • nutrition
  • managing childrens' behaviour
  • learning programs at Warrenheip PS etc.


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